Service and Network Monitoring

Stay ahead of service issues before they impact performance

Capturing and analyzing data from multiple sources, across all elements, layers and domains is critical to obtaining a unified view of performance from three dimensions: the network, the service and the subscriber. EXFO solutions provide that unified view and an understanding of the connections and relationships between those perspectives.

With EXFO solutions, operators are able to proactively detect and quickly repair potential service impacting issues—ultimately improving the quality of experience being delivered to their subscribers.

Unique Approach

Get a unified end-to-end network view via fiber monitoring, active, passive and mobile-device probes. Use that real-time probe data to flag problems, add performance-polling to pinpoint their location.

Customize that entire solution to address the specific and differing analytic requirements of various services (i.e. VoLTE, ViLTE) and NFV applications. The result? EXFO has created a truly unique approach to service and network monitoring.

Elastic Architecture

Programmable, open, customizable and scalable solutions that easily grow and change with operator networks. A vendor-agnostic approach collects and analyzes data from both EXFO’s and third-party probes along with other network devices.

Performance-polling of network hardware adds a non-intrusive source of network performance data.

Future Proof Design

Designed to adapt to changing operator business models, EXFO is prepared for the next wave while strongly supporting your current environment.

We’ve built our solutions knowing that 5G is on its way and understand the importance of service monitoring and analytics in the automation of systems being driven by SDN and NFV.

Unmatched Expertise

Over 30 years of experience in network traffic simulation, testing and service assurance, and an engagement with equipment manufacturers have enabled EXFO to develop a deep understanding of how the transport, service and application network layers work together, and how issues with one layer influences the others.

3D Analytics

The most comprehensive end-to-end analytics solution available. Collect and combine data from various sources including third-party, and generate real-time and historical reports viewable through charts, grids and maps.

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Active Testing

Key to effectively assure services and virtualized infrastructure performance—active testing can pinpoint a CSP’s specific effect on QoE, help reduce SLA redemption rates and accurately measure true end-to-end latency.

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Passive Monitoring

Continuous 24x7 real-time service monitoring enabling you to understand per-subscriber service experience and troubleshoot individual user sessions. Combine with active testing for layers 1-7 visibility.

Fiber Monitoring

Physical layer network management, with mapping of problems such as fiber cuts or degraded performance directly to services and subscribers who are impacted.

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EXFO’s service assurance solutions are designed to solve domain-specific use cases in the most efficient way. Solution packages focus on a particular network service or cover multiple services and detail the necessary data sources, key-performance indicators (KPIs), key quality indicators (KQIs) and index definitions, service models, data processing rules and pre-defined dashboards per application.

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