Ethernet One Overview
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Claudio Mazzuca
VP, Service Assurance
talks about Ethernet One
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Ethernet One

One Solution

Ethernet Services:
Better Delivered, Better Assured


Discover the most comprehensive IP/Ethernet 
service assessment solution of all.

  • Deploy cost-effectively
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Optimize customer experience
  • Speed up time to revenue

Tame Your Network

Click on the themes below to learn more:
  • Remote and automated field testing functionalities
  • Streamlined workflow, ensuring consistency
  • Less human intervention and fewer truck rolls
  • Simple out-of-the box APIs
    for seamless integration into OSS
  • Complete network visibility,
    from transport to application layer
  • Complete lifecycle assessment
  • Standards-based solution,  
    leveraging infrastructure
  • Easy deployment
  • Simplified workflow
  • Evolutionary: activation to 
    service assurance, or vice versa

Four Key Components



BrixWorx: Performance Management for Carrier Ethernet Services

  • Advanced user-specific reporting
  • Out-of-the-box data correlation and analysis
  • Customizable Web-based dashboard
  • Predicts service degradation, allowing you to address it proactively
  • Enables service segmentation for faster fault resolution
BV-3100 Verifier

BV-3100 Verifier: In-Network, Multifunction Service-Assurance Verifier NEW!

  • Integrated turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Simultaneous, multi-instance turn-up and troubleshooting testing
  • Interface flexibility: 1G to 10G Ethernet, without hardware upgrade
  • Carrier-grade architecture

BV10 Performance Endpoint Unit

BV-10: Performance Endpoint Unit

  • Unlimited scalability for network-wide performance demarcation visibility
  • Tailored functionality for unprecedented cost-efficiencies
  • Standards-based for efficient remote network maintenance
  • OAM enabler
FTB-1 Platform

FTB-1: Field-Optimized Test Platform

  • Handheld, modular unit
  • Easily characterize, activate and troubleshoot
  • Complete service activation in 15 minutes
  • Automated pass/fail testing
  • 100% first-time-right results
  • SLA validation with a single test

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