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Assessing Ethernet business services, from turn-up testing, to baselining, troubleshooting, monitoring and SLA conformance

As Ethernet is making headway into service providers’ networks, Carrier Ethernet testing becomes essential. With its additional operation, administration and maintenance capabilities, Ethernet can now be viewed as a carrier-grade networking technology.

To deliver carrier-grade Ethernet, network service providers can implement Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH and leverage their existing assets while delivering new services. Or, they can implement a connection-oriented Ethernet access link that will provide them with a network that is as manageable as SONET/SDH, but with the cost-efficiency of Ethernet.

Whatever option is chosen, EXFO speeds up the Ethernet testing process with solutions optimized for turn-up testing, baselining, troubleshooting, monitoring and service-level agreement (SLA) validation.

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