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Packet Optical Transport—A Viable Solution to Network Expansion


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Packet optical transport (POT) networks are optical super-highways that use the most advanced technological enablers, from reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) to amplifiers—and from very high bit rates to dense wavelength-division multiplexers (DWDMs).

The need to shift from time-domain multiplexing (TDM)-based networks to packet-friendly infrastructures that support digital voice, video, Internet and other related services is now apparent in all networks. These networks multiplex a variety of communication services delivered to customers with high expectations, commanding flawless reliability, easy upgradability and scalability, as well as superior operational efficiency.

Boosting Capacity of POT Networks

Likewise, network service providers and network equipment manufacturers need to find the best approach to make this transition successful. They need to increase their packet transport capability without negatively impacting revenue-generating legacy products and services. This network evolution makes testing and qualification of fiber-optic cables and transport networks during installation and commissioning crucial.


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OTN (G.709) Reference Guide

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A comprehensive overview of ITU-T recommendation G.709, Interface for the optical transport network, whose aim is to address the transmission requirements of todays wide range of services.

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Last updated: 2013-04-17

This webinar examines the DWDM-network impairments created by these new technologies, such as interchannel crosstalk, nonlinear effects and carrier leakage. We discuss their impacts and how to fix them. Finally, we unveil EXFO’s latest impairment-identification solution: the WDM Investigator for optical spectrum analyzers.

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POTS 2.0 is a simple, flexible and efficient core network technology enabling multiple classes of service and new products like bandwidth-on-demand and cloud-based applications. 

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As bandwidth demand continues to increase, NSPs are looking at 40G/100G networks to accommodate the ongoing traffic surge. Watch this animated diagram to see how EXFO’s 40G/100G know-how encompasses network component and fiber testing throughout all the transmission network stages to ensure seamless wireline and wireless network infrastructure upgrades.

Last updated: 2011-12-20