Deployment Strategies for 40G/100G: Trade-Offs and Impacts
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Network Expansion: Up to 100G Testing


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High speed technology is complex. Testing shouldn’t be.

Technology has transformed our lives. In a constantly connected and mobile world, telecom networks and data centers are facing unprecedented demand for bandwidth. The exponential increase in customers’ need for speed made it necessary for telecom operators to find a new solution and the answer came in the way of 100G networks. High Speed is here.

Enabling top performance in critical high-speed networks

Achieving performance in high-speed networks requires a wide range of testing options capable of qualifying the state of the fiber, performing commissioning and turning-up links, and assessing the integrity of the data transmission.


100G commissioning, turn-up and troubleshooting

All-in-one solution addressing client-service turn-up testing and troubleshooting

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100G Technical Poster

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Presentation of modulation schemes and impairments for 100 Gbit/s line side; overview of 100G/40G Ethernet (IEEE 802.3ba), OTU4/OTU3 (ITU-T G.709), and 100G/40G interfaces.

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Last updated: 2017-10-20

100G/400G Testing Guide

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Find out everything you need to know with our 100G/400G testing guide, which provides an overview of high-speed technology, and detailed information on both line-side and client-side 40G/100G system testing, lab qualification, commissioning and turn-up.

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Last updated: 2017-09-18

This case study examines how one global, data-center company surmounted the daunting task of scaling up to 100G and how EXFO’s solutions, including the high-speed tester, iOLM and fiber inspection probes, helped it achieve its objective while reducing its network outage times by 64%.

Last updated: 2016-10-04

A rental company was looking for the best possible strategy in meeting new demand for 100G test equipment rentals. It also needed to prepare for the continuing growth of this business in the future while meeting market demand for 1G and 10G test equipment. Discover how EXFO made it possible, thanks to its flexible testing solutions.

Last updated: 2016-04-27