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EXFO Carrier Wi-Fi Solution



  • Enables monetization for Carrier Wi-Fi
  • Reduces churn and increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces the cost of operating and troubleshooting a Carrier Wi-Fi service utilizing a shared backhaul and cloud services together with other services
  • Comprehensive service coverage and health analytics enabling managers to plan and fine-tune networks to maximize monetization.

The biggest challenge both mobile and fixed network operators are facing when it comes to deploying a monetized Carrier Wi-Fi service, is assuring an acceptable level of user experience. “If you can’t assure it, you can’t monetize it.”

EXFO’s Carrier Wi-Fi Solution is an end-to-end, comprehensive, centralized, service assurance and analytics solution. The solution offers seamless integration with all network equipment and management systems involved in a Carrier Wi-Fi service: from outdoor/indoor access points, backhaul, authentication and wireless access gateways, regional service enablers and connectivity to partners’ clouds.

Optimize QoE Directly from User Smart Devices

In addition, EXFO Mobile Agent and easy-to-install EXFO Verifiers provide a comprehensive way to actively monitor, test and report a detailed wireless service availability picture, as close as possible to what users are actually experiencing.

Gain Complete Visibility into Service Delivery

EXFO Carrier Wi-Fi Service Dashboards and analytics provide service providers with a comprehensive solution to manage Carrier Wi-Fi as a monetized service and present accurate information affecting user experience. Features include:

  • Ability for customers to access and authenticate service
  • Ability for customers to access customer care webpage including integrated self-care and service verification options
  • Carrier Wi-Fi network ability to meet service policies, such as IP addressing, access to required service enablers such as VOIP, OTT video, DLNA servers, CDNs, etc.
  • Broadband application-level QoE measurements collected by EXFO Mobile Agents and active verifiers.
  • Ability to present collected, aggregated and correlated KPIs/status from access points, backhaul and cloud service enablers involved in Carrier Wi-Fi service.


  • Technician initiates test from site using smartphone
  • EXFO solution generates full activation test
  • Results available centrally or via smartphone
  • Canary users continue to validate Carrier Wi-Fi
  • Runs background/foreground service
    performance tests from devices
  • Results available centrally and via smartphone
  • Analytics heat-maps for service validations
  • Ensure SLA compliance at all times
  • Integrate into existing management and inventory system
  • Correlate user experience to network KPIs of all equipment, end-to-end.

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