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Provisions and manages a network of performance test points called EXFO Verifiers. EXFO Worx is used by network administrators to completely control all aspects of system operation—from the specification of service-level objectives, to scheduling tests, configuring EXFO Verifier settings, and creating detailed performance reports.

Key features

  • Provides next-generation service assurance for real-time IP services
  • Offers carrier-class scalability and reliability
  • Allows end-to-end service testing across the entire network
  • Enables secure, remote deployment and management
  • Provides continuous performance auditing along with proactive notification
  • Permits full-service lifecycle support
  • Integrates with operational support systems via standards-based APIs

A Complete Performance Management System

The EXFO Worx software engine is an ideal service assurance and performance management solution for carrier and provider environments, and is responsible for provisioning and managing a network of performance test points called EXFO Verifiers. Administrators use the web-based EXFO Worx Operations Center to completely control all aspects of system operation—from the specification of service-level objectives, to scheduling tests, configuring EXFO Verifier settings, and creating detailed performance reports.

In addition, EXFO Worx provides automatic service-level auditing and compliance analysis, sophisticated real-time and historical reporting capabilities, integration APIs, and storage for performance data.

Carrier-Class Scalability, Reliability and Security

EXFO Worx delivers carrier-class scalability and reliability with a distributed architecture that easily scales to accommodate worldwide networks with a million EXFO Verifiers. To ensure continuous availability and also maintain both the currency and accuracy of collected performance data, the system supports full redundancy—easily weathering the loss of individual EXFO Worx servers and Verifiers through transparent fail-over to designated backups.

EXFO Worx is also designed with security in mind, encrypting all communication between EXFO Worx and EXFO Verifiers to protect sensitive configuration and performance information. Fine-grained, policy-based access controls let network administrators decide which data and system capabilities to make available to different classes of users.

The EXFO Service Assurance Approach: End-to-End Service Testing

Whether a worldwide, multiservice MPLS network, backbone transport for long-distance VoIP traffic, a streaming video distribution network between headends and metro hubs, or a managed IP telephony offering for enterprise customers, EXFO Worx is unique in its ability to collect performance statistics that truly reflect the end-to-end performance of any IP service.

EXFO Verifiers create demarcation points and establish clear service boundaries. By installing verifiers in data centers, PoPs and peering points for backbone-based services, and directly at customer sites for enterprise services, network administrators can manageably segment their networks to more easily troubleshoot localized problems and identify root causes of service-performance issues.

The system achieves full, end-to-end visibility by measuring application traffic precisely from the same perspective as the service consumer—between the network of EXFO Verifiers and between verifiers and network-based services, such as a video server, an IP phone or a proxy server.

Enables Proactive Service-Level Management

Proactive service-level management gives network operators the opportunity to reroute traffic or reapportion resources to avoid costly service-level violations. The EXFO Worx software continuously audits collected performance data and automatically compares the results to customized service objective thresholds to warn network operators of at-risk SLAs before a failure occurs.

With EXFO Worx, flexible warning and failure thresholds can be set for individual services, specific customers, or both. Operators receive immediate e-mail, page or SNMP-trap notifications, or monitor the EXFO Worx Operations Center to identify and track hot SLAs and services.

Full-Service Lifecycle Support

EXFO Worx is appropriate for deployment at all phases of the IP service lifecycle, including pre-deployment network assessment, rollout verification and tuning, continuous operational monitoring and troubleshooting, and real-time service-level assurance.

By combining a systematic program of scheduled active tests that precisely simulate customer transactions, with the focused application of passive monitoring of user-generated traffic, network operators easily gain the visibility they need to guarantee service quality, properly implement QoS, cost-effectively roll out new services, and—most importantly—keep their networks running smoothly and at peak performance.

OSS Integration

EXFO Worx integrates with back office operational support systems (OSS) to create a turnkey service-level verification environment. Flexible, standards-based interfaces support easy integration with existing provisioning, user authentication, trouble ticketing, data visualization, billing and SNMP-based fault monitoring systems.

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