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Continuously collects, correlates, analyzes and visualizes critical QoS and QoE data from the network core to the customer endpoint.

With EXFO NGN service providers can plan for capacity increases, verify service turn-ups and identify, diagnose and quickly resolve network and service performance issues before customers are affected, thereby guaranteeing service quality.

Technical information

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Key features

  • Monitors the performance of large and complex networks, and executes sub-second polling for near real-time performance assessment
  • Provides a quality advantage through scalable, converged service assurance solutions for next-generation networks
  • Monitors service quality, performance and availability 24/7 from the network core to customer site
  • Validates installation of services with turn-up tests and reports
  • Improves MTTR by segmenting the network to quickly isolate problems
  • Establishes multiple service levels and manages SLAs
  • Utilizes industry-standard test and monitoring protocols, allowing operators to leverage their existing equipment
  • True multiplay solution: supports best-in-class integrated service assurance solutions for voice, video, data and mobile networks

Scalable Software for Verifying the Quality of Next-Generation Networks

The network core is the heart of the service delivery network and where successful providers' service-assurance strategies start.

To effectively guarantee end-to-end service-level agreements (SLAs) and meet customers' requirements, providers must implement a service-assurance solution throughout next-generation IP/MPLS core networks as well as IP and/or Ethernet access and wireless backhaul networks.

The EXFO NGN solution offers edge-to-edge as well as end-to-end visibility, without which providers are at a serious risk of crippling service degradations and outages, which lead directly to escalations in customer care costs, eroding profit margins, increasing customer churn and severely damaging reputations.

The Service Lifecycle Approach

The EXFO NGN software allows providers to utilize a single centralized solution for the entire service lifecycle—from service turn-up, to monitoring, to troubleshooting. This in turn enables the providers to considerably reduce their OPEX and grow revenues.

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