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Fiber Network Monitoring and Management
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Fiber Guardian - FTTx/PON (Point-to-multipoint)


The first practical FTTx line quality assessment solution from the node.

Technical information

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Key features

  • Remotely control fiber line quality, length(s) and connectivity in link certification, drop-cable installation and service activation with fixed test equipment
  • Using EXFO's Link-Aware™ technology, conduct PON or P2P fiber line testing with the power of an OTDR without the skill sets required–then turn it into a troubleshooting and monitoring tool
  • Measure end-to-end fiber attenuation at 1650 nm with a traceable test method using a reflective filter in the field and test equipment at the node
  • Monitor up to a demarcation point (e.g., customer premises terminal) independent from PON equipment
  • Measure short- and long-term link degradation with higher resolution and larger dynamic range than with
    PON equipment
  • Detect and localize fiber fault at 1625 nm comparing past to current situations in a fully automated way
  • Interface it to any management system using an open and fully documented resource-based web-services
    architecture that uses HTTP and XML (REST)


An EXFO Link-Aware™ Product: Node iOLM

The Node iOLM provides intelligent test automation in addition to being a specialized OTDR for access network testing.

Compared to EXFO’s other portable iOLM solutions, the Node iOLM can define and test point-to-multipoint (P2MP) fibers, or it can test from the node, or central office, downstream to any passive optical network line type.

Essentially, what this means is that the Node iOLM can test before and after splitters. It is a node-based, fixed asset designed to expose test resources as web services so it can serve multiple workflows similarly to how a website supports multiple users.

By querying the test equipment with a topology template of the line, the application can define and run a series of OTDR acquisitions. It then assembles the information into a single XML dataset, merging the queried topological information, test results and quality assessment information associated with the discovered elements.

A Fiber Guardian Series Product and Application

The Node iOLM application is built on a specialized node OTDR, which is designed for in-service testing, monitoring and troubleshooting from the node. This means a test can be conducted from the field while the instrument is at the central office.

The solution is hosted on carrier-class hardware that is scalable, flexible and always available. Access to the various services is gained via a server that allows calls to be placed over IP in every network configuration.

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FG-750 Node iOLM

Specification sheets

The Node iOLM provides intelligent test automation in addition to being a specialized OTDR for access network testing.

Last updated: 2017-10-16


User Manuals
Last updated: 2017-03-07

This application note reviews the best practices for testing for 100G commissioning, turn-up, and troubleshooting of DCI links.  It examines the end-to-end testing and monitoring considerations for data center interconnect and for maximizing quality of service.

Last updated: 2016-12-19

Remote Fiber Testing and Monitoring using OTDRs has never been simpler. 

Last updated: 2013-12-10


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