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ITLA Tunable Light Source — FLS-2800


Continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow linewidth and high-resolution tunability for coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.

Technical information

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Key features

  • Narrow linewidth of less than 100 kHz
  • 1 pm tuning resolution
  • 15 dBm of power
  • Remote PC control via USB or Ethernet


Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly

The FLS-2800 is a benchtop, continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow 100 kHz linewidth and 10 pm resolution tunability over the C or L band. This laser offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for various applications, including coherent/orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) transmission and WDM network emulation. The FLS-2800 is available in single- or dual-laser configurations.

Ease of Use

Local Control

The FLS-2800 is easy to directly control using the knob on the front panel. Each laser is controlled separately, and both wavelength and power can be adjusted quickly and precisely.

Remote Control

Using the EXFO TLM application, which is also fully compatible with the IQS-2800, it is possible to control the FLS-2800 remotely via the USB or Ethernet ports at the back of the unit. SCPI commands are also available when automation is required. The EXFO TLM user interface makes it very easy to view the status and control the lasers.

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FLS-2800 Benchtop Light Source

Specification sheets

Continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow linewidth and high-resolution tunability for coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.

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Tunable Laser Manager
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Jan. 2017

Control software for IQS- and FLS-2800 ITLA Tunable Light Sources.

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