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EPC Testing


Enables wrap-around testing of the core network elements in LTE and is used in functional and load testing of LTE core network elements.

Technical information

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Key features

  • Effective functional and load testing of signaling and bearer for LTE EPC network elements (MME, S-GW, PDN-GW) via the core interfaces
  • High-performance hardware based on ATCA and network processor units
  • Intuitive graphical test case and message editing tools 
  • Highly scalable


EXFO's evolved-packet-core (EPC) solution enables wrap-around testing of the core network elements in LTE—MME, S-GW and PDN-GW—either individually or in combination. All the necessary elements and interfaces surrounding the system under test (SUT) can be simulated. The solution wraps the SUT by using S1-MME, S1-U, S11, S5, S10, S6a, Gx, Gxc, and other interfaces as needed.

Our solution can effectively be used in functional and load testing of LTE core network elements. In functional testing, EPC can send or receive any protocol messages of the supported interfaces. It also generates and receives IP user plane. In the receiving side, the EPC solution can calculate bit error rate (BER) from the received PRBS sequence. BER testing offers an efficient way to optimize network element implementation. Stateful application data can also be generated and verified. In load testing, our EPC solution simulates heavy loads of control-plane and user-plane traffic. The solution also provides support for IPSec, authentication algorithm, NAS ciphering/integrity and other advanced features.

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Application Notes

EXFO’s Wireless Core Testing application, designed for its QualityAssurer platform, is the industry’s leading performance validation tool for the wireless core network and its elements.

Last updated: 2013-02-07

This application note details the high-level functional requirements of LTE testing and presents solutions for assuring high quality of service across networks.

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This paper covers the business pressures that MNOs are facing and the corresponding technology transformations they are implementing in their networks to address those challenges. It also discusses how the different phases of new technology lifecycle require different types of testing, measurement and monitoring platforms during the initial LTE introduction period.

Last updated: 2012-01-13

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Last updated: 2011-08-05

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