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Core Network Testing


Powerful, reliable and scalable solution that meets the challenges of modern dynamic testing.

Technical information

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Key features

  • Powerful, scalable load-testing platform 
  • Maximum flexibility with fully customizable test cases 
  • Multitechnology, multiprotocol and multi-user testing tool 
  • Wide range of prepackaged test case libraries to speed up the testing process


Advancements in access technologies such as HSDPA/HSUPA and tremendous subscriber growth in the mobile industry have resulted in increased traffic throughout the core network. This poses a major challenge for network equipment vendors and operators, who must soak test core network elements for reliability, feature verification, interoperability and acceptance. EXFO's core network tester delivers a powerful, reliable and scalable solution that meets the challenges of modern dynamic testing.

Powerful Scalable Platform

Our core network solution can emulate multiple network elements with one test case, and provides a common environment for test cases across all standard and proprietary protocols. Telecom equipment manufacturers and service providers can use this tool throughout the complete network lifecycle, from production to deployment, and maintenance and upgrades.

Comprehensive Multipurpose Tool

The device under test (DUT) in the packet core network can be, for example, SGSN or SGSN combined with GGSN. Our solution emulates the other network elements such as RNC, BSC, HLR, SMS-SC, and PDN nodes.

The DUT in the circuit core network can be composed of, for example, an MSC/MSC server and a media gateway (MGW). Our solution emulates the other network elements surrounding the circuit core, such as RNC, BSC, HLR, SMS-SC, GMSC server and MGW, GMLC, CAMEL Entity and PSTN nodes.

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