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Fiber Inspection


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It's a fact: dirty and/or damaged fiber connectors are one of the most common cause of optical network problems. And in today's context where operators must speed up their fiber deployment and operate under amplified OPEX pressure, any network failure prevented can make a difference.

Whether you are working with single-fiber or multifiber connectors, including MPO and MTP™, or with various infrastructures (FTTx, FTTA, DAS and small cells or data centers),  proper connector inspection is an essential best practice for fiber testing and installation, which must be included in all daily workflow procedures.

EXFO's automated and intelligent fiber inspection solutions are designed to speed up and simplify this critical step to any fiber testing and help you deploy faster, more reliable fiber networks.

Did you know you could inspect bulkhead and patchcords without swapping tips? Here's how.

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The Inspection Probe

The essential tool to any fiber technician`s toolbox. Provides crisp digital images of connector endfaces. Available with two or three magnification levels, with Wi-Fi or USB-wired connection, and basic or advanced features set to fit your budget and testing needs.

FIP-400 and Probe

The Display or Platform

Users can choose through an wide range of solutions to view and analyze the fiber image. Use an OTDR or other optical handheld test set with display for combined applications, FTB Ecosystem modular platform for advanced multitesting and troubleshooting, PC/laptop for labs or even your own smart device for more flexibility.

ConnectorMax provides portable results

The Analysis Software

Based on IEC or custom standards, the analysis software helps you ensure that connectors and adapters are clean and exempt of any defect, thus removing the risk of human misinterpretation, which is the starting point of accurate network testing.

FIP-400 Technician Computer ConnectorMax screenshot

Fiber Inspection Tips

No matter the type of industry you are evolving with or the type of network architecture you are working on, we have the right tip adapter to fit your requirements. Get an overview of the wide range of fiber inspection kit, from standard SC/APC tips to ODC, MPO/MTP and other specialized tips.

FIP-400 Technician Computer ConnectorMax screenshot

Cleaning Devices

Essential accessory for anyone manipulating fiber in installation or maintenance. Offered as an option with some inspection kits, choose from a basic or deluxe cleaning package. 

FIP-400 Technician Computer ConnectorMax screenshot

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