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Platform — FTB-2/Pro

The Most Compact Multitechnology Test Platform for the Supertech

FTB-2 Pro

Key Features

  • Connect anywhere: USB, mobile, Wi-Fi, VPN and Bluetooth
  • Loaded with utilities: All the tools required to maximize field testing, and any third-party application
  • Like a PC: Available with a dual- or quad-core processor and Windows-based operating system
  • EXFO Connect-compatible: Automated asset management—data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database
  • Available in a standard or Pro model

Unparalleled Performance and Next-Gen Connectivity

The FTB-2, available in a standard or Pro model, is the most compact solution on the market for multirate, multitechnology, multiservice testing, delivering all the power of a high-end platform in a conveniently sized, go-anywhere field-testing tool.

Small footprint
Designed for applications such as:
  • CWDM turn-up testing
  • Fiber characterization
  • ROADM commissioning
  • FTTx testing
  • Gigabit/10G Ethernet configurations

A Sum Greater than Its Parts

Nowadays, with the complexity and extent of modern networks, technicians need more than a few tools in their belt to get the job done right the first time. They need OSAs, Ethernet multiservice modules and OTDRs with fiber inspection probes. You name it, the technician needs it. But what makes the supertech “super” is the ability to drill down effortlessly and perform all tests quickly and accurately, cutting costs and saving time. That’s the added value, and that’s one of the many advantages that the FTB-2 brings to the table.

All in the Family

Back in 1996, EXFO shook the world with the first PC-based multimodule test platform, the FTB-300. Today, over 15 years later, it still innovates by bringing you the most recent member of the FTB family, the FTB-2. This latest incarnation of the ground-breaking platform brings you all the most recent technologies.

4 Platforms Meet the FTB platform family

All Screen, All the Time!

In today’s connected world, the screen has become a tool: big, displaying millions of colors, light, power-saving and, most importantly, touch-sensitive. At EXFO, we specialize in making the best test tools for the market. And with the FTB-2, we bring you a state-of-the-art touchscreen: 10.1 inches of pure efficiency and pinpoint accuracy at your service. You must see it to believe it.

FTB-2 Pro Screenshots

FTB-2 Pro Model

So Much Power, Such a Small Footprint

The FTB-2 Pro is by far the smallest, most compact high speed multitechnology test platform out there. The FTB-2 Pro offers the most versatility: This is your go-anywhere, test-anything platform.

Designed for applications such as:
  • Fiber characterization
  • Gigabit/10G Ethernet configurations
  • ROADM commissioning
  • Multiservice transport testing
  • 100G testing
FTB-2 Pro with modules


Do More by Going FTB Pro

The Windows 8.1 Pro operating system allows for a wide choice of 3rd party applications and supports an extensive range of USB devices.

  • Start faster, multitask
  • Use any Office suite
  • Connect to printers, cameras, keyboards, mice, and more

Bring Your Own Apps

  • Share your desktop (e.g. using TeamViewer)
  • Antivirus software
  • Record and automate actions



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