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EXpert IP Test Tools


The indispensible IP test tool kit for any testing situation.

Technical information

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Key features

  • Tools included: Ping, traceroute, VLAN scan, LAN discovery, FTP performance and HTTP availability
  • Common tool kit and test interface across all platforms
  • Available for FTB-1 and FTB-200 platforms


Six Tools, One Application

EXpert IP Test Tools is an EXFO platform-based software application that brings together six commonly used test tools into one application to help field technicians deal with the complex testing environments of today’s networks. As any technician knows, being prepared for the unexpected is key to successfully getting through the day and solving customer issues.

Whether it is to verify IP connectivity to a router or customer endpoint using the Ping tool, debugging VLAN issues with VLAN Scan or verifying a file transfer protocol (FTP) service using the FTP performance tool, EXpert IP Test Tools has you covered. Supported on the FTB-1 and FTB-200 test platforms, it is an indispensable test kit that is always available for use anywhere and anytime you are using EXFO’s test platforms—regardless of the specific module in use.

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EXpert Test Tools

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Comprehensive triple-play test suite for FTTx/FTTH and commercial deployments.

Last updated: 2012-02-14


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