EXFO TFv: A Cloud-Based Suite of Test Offerings
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FTB Platforms


Platform Comparison

FTB-1 pro
FTB-1 Pro
FTB-2 Pro
FTB-4 Pro
FTB-4 Pro
Fiber characterization          
FTTH testing            
Mobile backhaul testing            
1G and 10G Ethernet configurations          
WAN/LAN testing          
CWDM turn-up          
ROADM commissioning          
Multiservice transport testing          
Fibre Channel testing          
ROADM and PTN turn-up          
Distributed PMD analysis        
ROADM/POTS and 40G testing          
100G Transport testing        
Triple-play testing          
(FTTA, DAS and Small cells)

  = FTB-2 Pro

   = FTB-1 Pro


Platform Features

All the processing power you need

There is nothing like raw processing power when you need to get the job done. That’s why we have equipped our FTB platforms with the right processor for the job. Whatever the size of your platform, you need not worry about performance.


Multitasking where others can’t.

Thanks to a Windows-based OS and strong processing power, you can run all your applications simultaneously on the FTB platforms—in real time. You can toggle between them and avoid wasting precious time reloading applications.

Run App Simulaneously

Run Apps Simultaneously

  • EXFO ToolBox
  • Web Browser
  • Remote Connection Service
  • Optical Test Application
  • Ethernet/Transport Test Application
  • EXpert Tools
  • PDF Reader
Bus Test 100G Industry

The iOLM is an OTDR-based application that delivers detailed information on every element on the link, in asingle-button operation.


Do more

The Windows operating system allows for a wide choice of third-party applications and supports an extensive range of USB devices.

  • Start faster and multitask
  • Use the office suite
  • Connect to printers, cameras, keyboards, mice, and more

Bring Your Own Apps

  • Share your desktop (e.g. using TeamViewer)
  • Antivirus software
  • Record and automate actions
  • Share files via cloud-based storage


Your platforms are connected.

The value of connectivity resides in the ability to connect your platform anywhere at any time. That’s why we have equipped our platforms with the technology to be as flexible as possible. Whether to transfer data to the cloud, to a device or to acquire a platform’s location via SmartGPS, you have what it takes.

Your people are connected.

Secure VPN

VPN. Secure communications.

Use VPN capabilities on the platform to provide a secure connection when you need it. Secured communications is now within your reach.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging.

Since our platforms are Windows-based, you can easily install and use messaging tools to quickly communicate with your team.

Remote control

Remote control.

Use remote assistance to troubleshoot units in the field, trigger tests remotely or help a technician with a problem. Working without it is hard to imagine.