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Future-proof your platforms with FTB-Care

EXFO’s FTB platform software enhancement program brings you the latest software application updates and upgrades for your test platforms and modules.


The FTB-Care program ensures the continuous enhancement of your FTB platforms and modules

Example of a platform’s productivity over time. With FTB-Care, productivity can only go up with the different releases; without FTB-Care, it can only stay the same.

Enhance test routines with exclusive software upgrades

A platform with a valid FTB-Care license will benefit from productivity-enhancing software additions as well as new features developed to speed up test routines.

What is FTB-Care?


Featured Software Upgrades

Unframed Optical Rates

This feature offers the ability to perform unframed testing at all 10G and 40G rates.

10G/40G testing

EtherSAM (ITU-T Y.1564)

New ITU-T standard for turning up, installing and troubleshooting Ethernet-based services.

Ethernet service testing standard

OTN Round-Trip Delay

Introduces the ability to perform round-trip delay (RTD) measurements on all OTN interfaces.

Optical transport network


What is FTB-Care?

FTB-Care is your key to EXFO’s software enhancement program, which offers exclusive access to the latest upgrades and value-added software updates for your EXFO’s test platforms. Available through an annual subscription, this service is linked to the serial number of your EXFO platforms (e.g., FTB-1, FTB-200, FTB-500 and IQS-600). FTB-Care enables you to install any software that is supported by your platform configuration. (Please note that this does not include new module options.)

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Video: FTB-Care

Share files from your FTB platform to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Why do I need a FTB-Care subscription?

With an FTB-Care subscription, you have a direct access to EXFO’s latest software upgrades. FTB-Care makes it simple and easy to maximize your test platform by keeping it up to date at all times.

Where do I get a FTB-Care subscription?

All newly purchased EXFO platforms come with a free, 3-year FTB-Care license key. If your FTB-Care license has expired, log on to My EXFO to register your platform and download your new FTB-Care license key linked to your platform’s serial number.

Your FTB-Care key can be installed and activated using one of two methods:

  • Directly through the Web-based license server using your My EXFO portal username and password.
  • With an FTB-Care license key file that you can download from your My EXFO portal, or that you can receive directly by e-mail from EXFO’s customer service department.
Learn how to install and activate your FTB-Care subscription key.View Tutorial