• Taking Operational Efficiency to New Heights with Process Automation and Analytics

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EXFO’s TestFlow is a field test automation and analytics solution that efficiently and accurately orchestrates the flow of information throughout critical testing phases during the deployment of fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA), distributed-antenna-system (DAS) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

Field Test Process Automation

Provides process control and test automation to reduce testing cycles, optimize field performance and accelerate time-to-revenue.

Contextual Analytics

Delivers process visibility through actionable data to effectively ensure compliance to test-process and network-design thresholds.

A Smarter, scalable Way to Test

Manual Process vs TestFlow Process Manual Process vs TestFlow Process

Manual Process

  • Field InefficienciesUp to 50% longer to implement tests

  • Quality issuesMissing and erroneous test information

  • No traceabilityNo consistent method of tracking results

TestFlow Process

  • 85%savings on field entry

  • 50%savings on test time

  • 100%compliant to test process

The TestFlow Architecture

Leveraging Back-Office Systems and Web-Based Tools to Automate and Orchestrate an End-to-End Testing Process

  • Digitized method of procedure (MOP) Preconfigured tests for 100% compliance
  • Compliant, consistent and efficient job-specific tests Technician performs tasks quickly
  • Automated upload of test results Audits closeout packages automatically and immediately for completeness
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities transform test results into actionable information Streamlined approach to auditing work compliance
  • Open application programming interfaces (APIs) enable integration into back-office systems Flexible architecture
TestFlow Architecture Transforming Field-Testing Operations EXFO Link FTB-1 Pro

Transforming Field-Testing Operations

With Contextually Relevant Analytics

A Single, Intuitive Application

With Multiple Measurements and Test Points in One Consolidated TestFlow


Link Everything.
Unify All Test Results.

EXFO Link is a mobile application designed to aggregate data and ease consolidation of test results from EXFO or third-party-vendor test sets.

With EXFO Link, test results can be transferred to a smart device from any test set using a wireless or wired link.

From the smart device, results are sent to a centralized database to facilitate consolidation of files from multiple sources into one location.

TestFlow and EXFO Link

Case Study


  • More than 40 tests per tower—many test types, such as FIP, OTDR, CPRI and RF
  • Missing and incorrect labeling, and missing tests and wrong thresholds
  • Confidence in FTTA construction quality; over 20+ contractors


  • One test application and prepopulated test configurations/IDs
  • Digitized MOP that guides technicians through the process
  • Automated results uploading to track quality/progress


  • Ensures compliant, first-time-right builds from all contractors (not just the best)
  • Consolidated results per tower across all test types
TestFlow Case Study FTTA


  • Optical construction quality/consistency
  • Wide range of link budget thresholds across DAS products
  • Thousands of results per site (manual spot check at best)


  • Ensure compliance: that the right thresholds are used for DAS installation
  • Automation of results analysis with custom and configurable rules
  • Identify issues for resolution while the contractor is still on-site


  • Benchmarks contractor performance (quality/efficiency)
  • Ensures compliant right-first-time builds
  • Faster deployment through proactive management
TestFlow Case Study DAS
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