Optical Calibration Kits — TKS-CAL


Sorry this product is discontinued

Optical calibration kits allow manual calibration and verification of power meters, light sources, attenuators and OTDRs.

Discontinued Information

Discontinued Date:2016-09-19
End-of-Service Date:2021-09-30

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Key features

  • High-performance reference power meter with uncertainty as low as ±0.9 %
  • Metrology approved and ISO-17025 compliant calibration procedures
  • Calibration and verification of power meters, attenuators, light sources and OTDRs
  • Flexible, modular and expandable


Verification and Calibration of Fiber-Optic Instruments

EXFO’s TKS-CAL Optical Calibration Kits for in-house instrument verification put users in control of all their calibration operations.The TKS-CAL kits are used to manually calibrate power meters as well as verify light sources, attenuators and OTDRs without causing any downtime and costly shipping. They are designed to evolve as needs change.

  • Absolute power calibration of power meters
  • Output power level, stability and central wavelength of light sources
  • Insertion loss and linearity of single-mode optical attenuators
  • Distance, dynamic range, linearity and dead zone of single-mode OTDRs
  • All reference standards used in TKS-CAL kits are traceable to national laboratory standards like NIST and METAS.

    Easy-to-Use Procedures

    Each TKS-CAL includes very detailed explanations as well as step-by-step instructions on how to perform a fully ISO-17025 compliant calibration and verification of fiber-optic test instruments. An Excel-based and fully customizable calibration certificate template is also included with each kit. In addition, a general guide providing detailed explanations on procedures and uncertainty calculations is included with the basic kit.

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    Specification sheets

    Optical calibration kits allow manual calibration and verification of power meters,
    light sources, attenuators and OTDRs.

    Last updated: 2014-03-10

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    Sorry this product is discontinued

    Optical Calibration Kits — TKS-CAL

    Discontinued Date:2016-09-19
    End-of-Service Date:2021-09-30

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