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Part 1 of 2 - Fundamentals of Ethernet Technology Testing

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Length: 60 min


The surge in web-based, bandwidth-intensive applications has created new opportunities to deliver increasingly advanced services at higher speeds, alongside cutting-edge technologies. With its unmatched scalability and cost-effectiveness, Ethernet/IP has become the underlying technology of data communications and should be well understood by all players in the telecommunications industry.

This 2-part webinar series addresses the fundamentals of testing Ethernet technology, as well as the tools and standards required in effectively turning up and troubleshooting next-generation Ethernet services. 

In this 2-part webinar series, we will delve deeper into the following topics: 
Webinar #1:  February 9, 2017
Title:    Issuing a birth certificate before delivering Ethernet links.

  • Fundamentals of Ethernet technology
  • Physical aspects of data links
  • Bit Error Rate measurements
  • Are they good enough?
  • Service Activation Methodologies
  • RFC2544
  • ITU.T Y.1564 
  • Subscriber Experience (TCP traffic evaluation through RFC 6349)