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Part 2 of 2 - Network Equipment Manufacturers Webinar Series: Lab testing redefined to conquer your challenges

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Length: 60 minutes


R&D and Labs: Develop innovative solutions. Faster. Better.

This webinar is the second of a series for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) tackles the challenges faced by them in delivering innovative solutions in the context of a rapidly changing environment with pressures and constraints faced in the lab/R&D and in manufacturing.

Solutions for the following are explored:

  • Changing landscape of transceiver technology, including CFP4, QSFP+/QSFP28
  • Advanced OTN testing
  • Scaling production capacity
  • Reconfiguring manufacturing stations


Keeping up the rapid pace of innovation is an ever present challenge for network equipment manufacturers. There has been a reshaping of the vendor equipment industry from box development to solution-oriented innovation and deployment. Lab and R&D centers have become expertise hubs, yet they need to derive more value from their R&D spend, particularly when it comes to equipment.

In this webinar, we will discuss what tests are key for rapid innovation:

  • OTN multi-stage multiplexing
  • Multichannel OTN
  • Service disruption validation
  • Breakthrough transceiver validation
  • Innovative global network test management software which allows central access of network elements distributed across an organization