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Load Testing VoLTE in Lab and Production Networks

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Length: 60 minutes


Is your VoLTE network ready to launch? 

Frequent news of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) live network failures and deployment delays have made mobile network operators more cautious to avoid being in the next headline themselves.  The inevitable truth is that VoLTE deployment is ultra-complex.  To increase confidence when launching VoLTE, all potential failures must be found and fixed before going live. 

There is no getting around the need for load testing in the lab network: most critical failures found in load testing are not detected during functional and regression testing.  And then there is the production network, which is not the same as the lab network.  They defer from connectivity (IP, MPLS, etc.) to geo-redundant, application, capacity and scale configuration. It is equally important and vital to load test the production network to discover failures that may not be found when testing the lab network.

This webinar explains the additional benefits of testing the production network and how this can increase confidence to launch VoLTE services successfully.  The webinar also explores the differences between lab and production network testing for use cases such as IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and evolved packet core (EPC) and end-to-end testing.