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Data-centers transformations part-2: The Interconnect Story

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Length: 60 mins.


With the exponential increase in customers’ need for speed, the use of interconnectivity and cloud-based applications to handle more bandwidth is ubiquitous in data center infrastructure. Data centers must find new solutions for 100G networks and beyond and the Data Center Interconnect (DCI) must grow accordingly.

This session will discuss the best practices to keep in mind when planning the turn-up or upgrade of DCI links, especially for 100G/400G migrations.  Topics of discussion will include the full network lifecycle, from commissioning to turn-up and even troubleshooting. The session will provide you with all the latest 100G+ optical and transport testing information, including:

  • How to demystify the different types of optical interfaces, including CFP4, QSFP28, QSFP+ and other pluggable transceivers and how to best troubleshoot issues or failures
  •  Ethernet testing fundamentals, including latency measurement and analysis
  • OTN testing
  • 400G trends