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Solid and Reliable Carrier Wi-Fi: A Roadmap for Assured Monetization

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Length: 60 minutes


The biggest challenge that both mobile and fixed network operators are facing when it comes to deployment of a monetized Carrier Wi-Fi service lies in ensuring an acceptable level of user experience. Wi-Fi offers an attractive business case, because it supports unlicensed spectrum, it is less expensive than 3G/4G and it is supported by all user devices today. However, to ensure that it is a viable match to the existing cellular network, the service has to offer a consistent user experience at the application level.

In this is webinar, you will learn:

  • About an innovative end-to-end solution that enabled a Carrier Wi-Fi service to be managed via a highly automated best practice.
  • How to reduce costs associated with activating and operating the service.
  • How to gain full visibility and the capability to troubleshoot issues that degrade user experience and impact monetization.