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FTB-5500B/FTB-5800 PMD and CD Analyzers

FTB-5500B/FTB-5800 PMD and CD Analyzers

Combining CD and PMD for Precise Link Characterization

Designed for ultra-long-haul and 40 Gbit/s applications, EXFO’s FTB-5500B PMD and FTB-5800 CD analyzer combo provides you with the speed, accuracy and high performance you need to ensure high-quality network services. Housed in the expert FTB-500 Platform, the FTB-5500B and FTB-5500 test modules survive splashes, knocks and drops—ideal for CO and field conditions.

MeasurIng PolarIzatIon Mode DispersIon the fast way

Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) represents a significant danger to bothlegacy and newly deployed networks. And, with the development of 10 Gbit/sand faster systems, PMD concerns and awareness continue to grow. EXFO’s FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer helps you get ahead in the field. Whether youneed to verify the capacity of legacy fiber or upgrade a network to any speed,the modular FTB-5500B is fast, reliable and ready to go.