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Fronthaul—The New Wireless Network Extension

Fronthaul—The New Wireless Network Extension
Existing cell-tower upgrades

Replace old coax cable with fiber running from the base station to the RRH.

New cell-tower deployment

Run fiber from basestation to the RRH at the top of the antenna.

Common public radio interface (CPRI)

A standard that defi nes a communication link between a basestation and RRH.

The basestation can be connected to the backhaul via fiber, or wirelessly via radio frequency (RF) signals.


Operational expenditures (OPEX) challenges

Dispatching tower-climber technicians for repairs can be very expensive, rendering repeat jobs unfeasible.

Technology gap

Tower-climber technicians usually have a background in copper or RF, but only limited fi ber-testing knowledge. Lack of training can lead to basic errors, incorrect results interpretation, and other problems.

Guarding against weather

When installing next-generation tower networks, wireless operators must address new weatherproofi ng challenges. Proper weatherproofing can help safeguard against expensive service interruptions and ensure network reliability