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EXFO is redefining the test-lab environment with agile and innovative solutions that enable network equipment manufacturers to get the most from their equipment—more than they ever thought possible.

Learn how EXFO can redefine your lab.


How do I manage complexity
while remaining agile?

Mike, Lab Manager

  • Support test needs of different groups and multiple technologies—including 10G to 100G. Port density can be an issue
  • Keep tools up to date but needs to stretch budget
  • Stay on top of new technologies but must minimize training time
The EXFO Solution:
  • LTB-8: best port density in the industry
  • FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer: first solution with integrated CFP4 and QSFP+/QSFP28 interfaces
  • As part of EXFO TFv, FTB Anywhere floating licenses and FTB OnDemand time-based licenses enable labs to stretch their budgets
  • Common GUI across EXFO modules reduces training time

How do I move at the
speed of the market?

Emily, Lab Test Engineer

  • Tight time constraints and limited supply of test equipment
  • Missing test functionality and software licenses—multiple tools often required
  • Long set-up times
The EXFO Solution:
  • Flexible software licenses: FTB OnDemand time-based licenses
  • EXFO's advanced test features such as multichannel OTN, multistage ODU multiplexing and advanced troubleshooting capabilities
  • EXFO Multilink: multi-user, multimodule, multiplatform web-based application for remote management and easy software retrieval and download

How do I troubleshoot
customer issues easily?

Alex, Customer Support Engineer

  • Effectively troubleshoot customer problems
  • Resolve complicated and escalating product issues quickly, often off-site or at customer site
  • Advanced capabilities and rates required—often not available on some modules
The EXFO Solution:
  • Only solution where same modules can move from a rackmount to a portable platform
  • LTB-8 platform supports hot swapping of modules so there is no downtime or interruptions in testing
  • FTBx-88200NGE is industry’s first solution offering integrated CFP4 and QSFP+/QSFP28 interfaces and supporting advanced lab features

How do I innovate on tighter budgets?

David, Manager–Test Engineering

  • Shorten testing times while technologies are complex
  • Inventory control with equipment configured with the right features at the right time
  • Work with tighter budgets and do more with less
The EXFO Solution:
  • EXFO Multilink: multi-user, multimodule, multiplatform web-based application for remote management
  • FTB OnDemand: time-based licenses for required features and modules means labs can stretch their budgets, and costs can be processed as operating expenses—reducing CAPEX
  • LTB-8 Rackmount Platform: 400G-ready with no power limitations; its eight-slot configuration enables simultaneous testing of eight 100G modules

How do I automate efficiently?

Manufacturing Engineer

  • Tedious manual testing resulting in lack of efficiency and inaccurate results
  • Limited resources and time available to develop automation applications
  • Large number of instruments to manage and update
The EXFO Solution:
  • Advanced testing applications for design, verification and manufacturing cycles
  • Support for open architecture with complete automation drivers and libraries
  • Enables multiplatform and remote instruments management with EXFO Multilink