Wireless Networks Roadmap
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Wireless services are attracting more and more subscribers
The goal: to provide customers with the wireline-like QoE that they expect, and still be profitable.

Wireless Network: Optimizing the User Experience

As the number of subscribers—as well as the demand for higher bandwidth services—continues to increase, wireless network operators face numerous challenges to ensure customers receive the same advanced quality of experience (QoE) with wireless services as they do with fixed-wireline services without jeopardizing profitability.

Wireless network operators are turning to 4G technology—mainly long-term evolution (LTE)—as it promises to significantly improve the user experience for bandwidth-hungry content and applications.

In addition, the 4G all-IP network architecture delivers end-to-end quality of service (QoS), spectral efficiency and bandwidth flexibility to improve overall network economics and significantly improve the user experience.

As 4G networks are being deployed, interoperability and performance testing, as well as monitoring, will affect the operator’s ability to remain competitive and increase profitability. To ensure performance, service delivery and quality of experience (QoE), complete visibility and access to key interfaces are essential.

Unprecedented Speed and Accuracy in LTE Network Lifecycle Testing and Monitoring

Ensuring QoS and end-to-end IP session performance in an all-IP environment is vital to profitable 4G networks. Testing must shift from focusing on the transmission and signaling planes to also include the user plane and applications, which require IP application analysis and the ability to follow elements and services.

EXFO’s solutions help operators track how applications are performing and establish the quality experienced by each individual subscriber. With sophisticated products that support true multiplay, EXFO’s simple and cost-effective solutions provide complete LTE network lifecycle testing, monitoring and assurance, from initial service rollout, to turn-up, troubleshooting and monitoring—no matter what the service.

Leveraging decades of innovation, EXFO delivers disruptive solutions that increase productivity with unique capabilities such as self-running test cycles and comprehensive QoS test suites, allowing field crews to complete test cycles in minutes rather than hours.

Whether you’re supporting voice, video, data or mobile services on your network, EXFO can help you reduce your OPEX, cut your CAPEX, and prove that your service is better than your competition.

Ensure LTE QoS and
QoE in an all-IP

  • Fully exercise next-generation network equipment with advanced functionality, load and interoperability testing
  • Highly scalable portable and multi-user systems
  • Accelerate high-performance packet capture and complete multiple-technology (2G/3G/LTE) analysis and call tracing
  • Measure QoS parameters for specific applications
  • Analyze both the control and user plane applications and correlate data across the interfaces
  • Validate Ethernet performance and service-level agreements (SLAs) rapidly with the highest level of accuracy, using standard test methodologies such as EtherSAM (Y.1564)
  • Define, assess and monitor unique KPIs for all service types (voice, video, data, mobile)
  • Gain network-wide visibility of subscriber-based key quality indicators (KQI) and perform detailed troubleshooting