Telecom researcher performing tests in a lab environment
R&D labs and universities must speed up the process from prototype to real-world performance.

Telecom Education and R&D: Accelerating Commercialization

Collaborating with higher education facilities, research and development labs from both network equipment manufacturers and carriers are on aggressive and competitive product development schedules.

These schedules demand efficient, leading-edge and comprehensive testing solutions that validate performance against real-world scenarios while accelerating projects from prototype to commercialization.

Telecom and optical research centers and universities face similar challenges, from line-card and system-design testing to new modulation scheme research.

Scalable Solutions from Design to Deployment

From advanced optical and subsystem testing, to wireless or IP multimedia system, next-generation Carrier Ethernet and 100 Gbit/s validation and analysis, EXFO’s portfolio of solutions for R&D carrier labs and higher education facilities goes beyond simple compliance testing to assess the limitations and robustness of products.

Delivering rigorous testing capabilities, EXFO’s high-speed portfolio addresses all qualification stages—from development to integration—and is supported by industry experts that help accelerate migration from the lab to the field to rapidly capitalize on R&D investments.

Powerful modules
and analyzers,
reliable test results

  • Accurate performance assessment throughout development and pre-deployment phases
  • Maximize volume testing of optical transmission systems, passive fiber-optic cables and components
  • Scalable platform-based solutions for easy integration of new technologies
  • Automate testing of signaling and data planes
  • Future-proof designs characterize any transmission rate and any modulation format—with distortion-free signal recovery