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Generic name for digital-subscriber-line technology. The x is a variable that, in context, is replaced according to the appropriate variety of DSL (such as SDSL, IDSL, and ADSL).

The branch of testing that applies to the deployment of comprehensive DSL (ADSL, VDSL, etc.) and IP triple-play services. These deployments are rendered complex by the need to set-up user names, passwords, DSLAM port settings, subscribed video channels (IPTV), Internet service provider settings, e-mail settings and VoIP settings. Given all these factors, it is likely that service-impairing errors will affect a percentage of subscribers. This requires multilayer testing on copper and optical fiber, bandwidth rate validation (upstream/downsream), quality of service validation and customer equipment/wiring verification.

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    Multiplay Services Testing

    Multiplay Services Testing

    Testing the quality of the optical link and copper pairs to assess the performance of the Ethernet and xDSL services in the access network are mandatory steps to ensure that the physical layer can handle proper IP services delivery, but it doesn’t end there.

    FTTN: Capitalizing on Existing Copper Plant

    FTTN: Capitalizing on Existing Copper Plant

    DSL still remains the most widely deployed broadband access technology across the globe to bring triple-play services to business and residential customers. For many, the copper plant is the only economical basis for broadband, high-value service delivery that is still competitive.

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    With ever-faster IPTV services continuously being deployed, the capabilities of the copper portion of FTTx networks are being stretched to their limits. This animated diagram presents EXFO's quick, yet thorough method for analyzing the quality of triple-play services with pass/fail-driven automated tests. 

    Last updated: 2011-12-20