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Comprehensive Small Cell Assessment


  • Reduce new services activation and validation process by 95%

  • 100% reduction in unnecessary truck roll

  • Accelerate small cell deployment time by 25% with less resources

  • Standard-driven

The biggest challenge that mobile network operators are facing—when solving coverage and capacity issues through the deployment of small cellsis not the high volume of small cells to be installed in a short time frame with limited technical resources nor the number of different technologies/vendors involved, but making this solution economically viable. It’s all about return on investment (ROI) …

The business case required for a mobile operator to make heterogeneous small cells deployment economically feasible involves an automated approach, which reduces human intervention, eliminates unnecessary mistakes while minimizing testing and troubleshooting time to a minimum.

EXFO’s Zero Touch is a comprehensive, centralized activation and monitoring solution which through seamless integration into back office operations, offers a complete workflow automation approach to activating, validating, 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting thousands of sites simultaneously no matter the number of technologies and vendors involved for optimized operational efficiency.

In addition, EXFO’s Zero Touch provides complete visibility across the network through captured data and advanced reporting performed by its powerful analytics engine to effectively support business and operational decisions.

  • Technician initiates test from site using smartphone
  • EXFO solution generates activation test
  • Results available via smartphone or centrally
  • BMA lock to small cells
  • Runs performance test from UE
  • Results available via smartphone or centrally
  • Ensure SLA compliance at all times
  • Integrate into existing management and inventory system
  • Overlay backhaul monitoring and real-time performance polling

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