Jamie Humphreys

      Jamie Humphreys

      Senior Technical Sales Specialist, EXFO

      Mr. Humphreys has worked for EXFO as a Senior Applications Engineer for more than eight years. With over 20 years of experience, he has held various Systems/Application Engineering roles, supporting both lab and field with communications test technologies, specializing in TDM, optical transport and Ethernet.  He holds an AAS-EE degree from DTI, Durham, NC.

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      When to use an OTDR vs light source power meters

      By: Jamie Humphreys | Category: Fiber everywhere | Posted date: 2017-10-04 | Views: 1295

      The ongoing data center and enterprise network challenge to rapidly migrate to 40 and 100G transmission speeds (with 200 and 400G on the horizon) coupled with ongoing changes in connectivity—such as parallel optics, PAM4, and OM5 wide band multimode fiber with short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM)— requires less tolerance for errors and much tighter loss budgets.

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      Data-Centers transformations part-1: In-Building challenges (Hosted by RCR Wireless)

      By: Jamie Humphreys | Category: Optical Testing and Monitoring

      Join EXFO as we discuss the various techniques and testing required to achieve optimum data center network connectivity performance.

      Learn all about the best practices to consider when building new optical infrastructure for network migration to higher bit rates inside the colocation and data centers.

      Cell-Site Testing for Greater Connectivity and Speed

      By: Jamie Humphreys , Laura Sanchez, Francis Audet | Category: Optical Testing and Monitoring

      The wireless landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed, and is growing in both size and density. But to meet the goals needed to achieve greater connectivity and speeds everywhere—both indoors and out—specific steps are required prior to and after activation.