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EXFO Sales Contacts

For NEMs applications

Carsten Stöcker—Regional Sales Manager
Phone : +49 015124502111

For Test and Measurement services

Peter Klute—Sales Manager
Phone : +49 151 111 825 46

For Service Assurance solutions (Active and Passive)

Erik Gozemba—BDM

For Wireless and IMS Load Simulators

Gerold Haase—Regional Sales Manager
Phone : +49 89 710483-12

EXFO Distributors (in alphabetical order)

3-Edge GmbH
Phone: 49-89-94-46-66-09
  • Copper Access Testing
  • Manufacturing, Development & Research
  • Network Service Providers
  • Transport & Datacom Testing

OPTERNUS GmbH (Germany)
Phone: +49 4532 2044 -0
  • Copper Access Testing
  • Enterprise Market
  • Manufacturing, Development & Research
  • Network Service Providers
  • Service Assurance (Passive)
  • Wireless & IMS Load Simulators
  • Transport & Datacom Testing

Leasing, Renting and Financing

EXFO's regional partners offer you various rental, leasing and financing options to help you meet your testing needs without compromising your cost structure.


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